Life's Little Adventures Farm first opened in June 2002. Since that time, we have had over 4000 families visit the farm and over 900 families and children return for more intensive Equine Assisted Programming. 

We minister to children and their families who are in crisis (chronic illness, special needs, in the foster care system, having been recently adopted, emotionally or mentally ill, or victims of domestic violence and sexual assault). They repeatedly come to the farm and interact with the animals helping break down some of their emotional walls as well as heal some of their heartaches. We help the entire family to feel welcome, loved, accepted and to learn to communicate in new, positive ways.

We assist families in learning about animal care so they can interact and enjoy the animals in a humane way. For families who have children with special needs, we give them a wide variety of ways that they can enjoy animals and yet it is also therapeutic for them.

"Where do our animals come from?" you might ask... We rescue and rehabilitate unwanted or "problem" equines from all over the state of Ohio. We get them healthy then teach them manors and give them new jobs and a purpose suited to their individual personality, condition and breed. Our best therapy animals know what it's like to have been abused or neglected. They empathize with our hurting families and relate in amazing ways to help them.

Our ponies also make appearances at vacation bible schools, parades, churches, civic organizations and family festivals throughout the state of Ohio. Check our "Services" page for more information,

We've updated our Newsletter!!



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We recently received the following testimonials about our work. 


I have had the pleasure of knowing Life’s Little Adventures Farm for 12 years. I first met them as a young teen when they came to my church. LLAF rescues both neglected and owner surrendered horses and other species, and re-trains them to be used as therapy aids for families with special needs including mental and physical handicaps, as well as people suffering from PTSD.  At the age of 18 I found myself mentally and emotionally distressed and in need of a healthy outlet in a loving environment. LLAF was able provide me with just that. I came expecting to just be a temporary client but now I am a permanent part of the LLAF Family.

 The farm welcomingly receives everyone as they are, and provides uplifting support to aid in their recovery. Clients are able to either visit the farm to experience the responsibilities and rewards of hands on animal care or if desired, they may free-lease a fully trained therapy animal. All services the farm provides are 100% free of charge. The farm staff teaches you how to correctly interact with the animals, some of which were abused before being rescued.  After multiple encounters with the same animal, you begin to connect with it and this enables a relationship of trust to develop .The compassionate staff at LLAF also builds strong relationships of trust with both clients and volunteers.

When I visit the farm I am always greeted by a warm welcome, and I always leave with an uplifted heart and encouraged soul. The farm staff always enquires about how I have been recently, what new challenges I am struggling with in my life, and what good news I have to share. They are never too busy for anyone and they genuinely care about every client and volunteer they encounter.

After being given the opportunity to work with a rescued horse for several months, I have gained more and more confidence in myself, not only as a horseman, but also as a person in general. Knowing that I was capable of helping to re-train and rehabilitate a horse and that the horse can go on to further help another person in need has given me great pride in what we accomplished as a team.

Ashley Valdez

Wadsworth, Ohio

Here is another letter we've received.

Melissa and Family-

I'm so sorry it has taken me SO VERY LONG to write this. It has been on my mind for 3 months to do it, but life keeps us busy! I have never forgotten about it though because of how important it was to me to thank you for being such a wonderful family with a beautiful purpose! You are more than welcome to put this up on your website or wherever you may need it. Also, how is Stafford doing? He and I had a contentious relationship, but I really wanted to be his friend… I hope he has found a great place to be and is doing well!


LLAF, Melissa and her family, are angels to me! I found myself in a difficult situation with a horse that was too much for my skills to handle. This guys was dominant over my mares AND ME! I adopted him to give him a nice quiet retirement at pasture on my property, not realizing that he needed more than just a pasture. Even with his navicular, he needed a job, and instead of me giving him one, he decided to make one for himself… protecting my mares from me! When I realized it wasn't working out I tried to find a new home for him. I found multiple people that were interested, but twice I tried to get him into a trailer. He was so stubborn!! He beat me, his previous owner, and a professional hauling company! A total of 5 hours was spent trying to get this guy into trailers! I was at my whits end, frustrated and scared. I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I was thinking my only option was to euthanize him and I would never want to do that to a mostly healthy animal, but I feared for myself and my family. I couldn't handle him without him acting semi-aggressive towards me. LLAF (Melissa) responded to one of the ads we had placed on the internet. The moment she got involved she immediately started on working on calming me down. She was SO sweet, making me feel like maybe there was hope for this situation. After struggling with getting him hauled TO her, she and her family found a way to make the 400 mile round trip to get him. They worked patiently and calmly with Stafford until they got him into the trailer. THEY WERE FANTASTIC!!! THEY HANDLED HIM WITH CONFIDENCE AND CARE! I was amazed, after my previous experiences, how well they were able to work him into that trailer! I was and always will be SO GRATEFUL for these wonderful people. Not only were they wonderful at handling the horse, they made me feel the whole time that no matter what, they wouldn't give up on getting him to a better place. I can't say enough about how wonderful it was to feel like someone was there to help both me and Stafford! I can't thank them enough! 


So thank you LLAF. I will always think about you, and will do what I can to help you guys keep doing what you are doing! I hope to be able to come up to you to visit sometime soon!!


Again, sorry for the delay on this!!!!!!!!

Kristen Morio

Research Associate 

Ohio's Evaluation & Assessment Center for 

Mathematics and Science Education

Stafford Update: Stafford is now serving a wonderful family who has gently taught him that he doesn't have to rule the barn to enjoy his life. He is being ridden approximately 3 times per week and is happy and healthy.


 Last updated: May 2015

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